Why Meditation Cultivates Inner Wisdom

Meditation has been around for thousand of years and proven to awaken inner happiness and strengthen your intuition.  The practice of meditation is to quiet your mind so that you can experience the truth of who you are.  Which can only be found in the present moment of NOW.  The practice of meditation cultivates mindful awareness and expanded consciousness.

Why don’t people meditate?

Humans are smart enough to land on the moon, build successful companies, invent cures to disease and so on… yet many people complain to me that that can’t meditate.  WHY?

The answer is simple, the voice inside your heads is self destructive and controlling your life.  As soon as you sit down, does your thoughts tell you … “whats the point” “get up, this isn’t doing anything” or “shoot, I forget to make that phone call.  I better do it now.” so you get up & don’t meditate and so on and on and on …

Who is in charge of YOU?

The voice inside your head which is an accumulation of your personally, filtered, past, experiences or YOU the indwelling being; who witnesses your life as it happens, who witnesses your thoughts, and witnesses your emotions, all which are not you.

When you meditate you awaken and melt into witness consciousness and meditation becomes the most exquisite and enjoyable part of your day.  It’s your fuel to reboot you back to inner peace, abundant self-love and ever-new joy so that you can experience life with the absence of suffering.

When the world and your thoughts are dictating your life, you will experience life on a roller coaster of emotions, and at times spin out of control and wonder WHY?

It is because YOU the indwelling being is asleep – WAKE-UP by inviting in the practice of daily meditation.

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