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Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike the approach of many popular seminars available today, the trainers don’t lecture to the participants all day everyday. The Journey Training is experiential, meaning you are not lectured too, but rather you experience exercises that enable you to learn on a cellular level how to heal and equip yourself with actual tools that you can apply after the training for the rest of your life. When you participate in the learning process, and apply it to your individual life experiences, your personalized feedback for healing is instantaneous and 100% individualized to each participant. It is a dynamic process where each individual gains the insight that long lasting deep healing comes from within and allows them to reach their greatest potential day in and day out.
We are not here to sell you something, to convince you to follow us, or to make you think we know it all and have everything figured out. We are not looking to be anyone’s gurus, we only want to assist you in achieving your fullest potential. We provide you with guidance, assist you to discover your own truth, and then set you free to go live your best life back out in the world. We don’t create a following, we create a community.
There are a variety of proven techniques used during the training that have nothing to do with talking, where years of buried trauma are able to be freed and released. The Journey is a “self” exploration and is not done in a traditional manner. We don’t call upon the experts in psychology, religion, or philosophy. We ignite the greatest expert of all. The expert is YOU! It is your life, and you have been living your entire life collecting data to finally put all your inquiry to rest and heal from the inside out. Honoring and remembering that true long-lasting healing comes when you ignite the power that lives within you. The Journey is exclusive and the group size is small. This allows personal insight for each individual to gain assistance with their own unique struggles, but it also builds a collective support system by bringing together a community to support one another, even after the training has been completed.
Nowhere else in the world are you able to receive such intimate, immersive, and personal assistance in direct relation to the lead trainers as you will with The Journey trainings. The lead trainers possess a multitude of specialized skill-sets that are combined into a dynamic training and collectively offer such a powerful and transformative self-healing experience that is unique to this course. Nothing else even comes close. It is only worth it if you are ready to experience your life MORE FULLY and take a good look at your birth responsibility, which is to love your life and be happy.
One reason why you are not sustaining your change from other courses, books, or seminars is you are being lectured to and it is not yet your actual emotional truth. Your brain is learning but your cells are still in their old state of being. So when a familiar situation happens, your brain says “don’t continue that old pattern,” and yet before you know it, there you go again, falling back into that same behavior. And history is now written for you, until you retrain and rewire from the inside out with your own truth as your guide. The various modalities utilized during our trainings have been proven through the 25+ years that these courses have run, with graduates all claiming that this has clearly been the most powerful change they have ever experienced in their lives. Participants are not only assisted during the training itself to relieve and release stored traumas and self-sabotaging perspectives, but they are also empowered with tools they can utilize at home after the course has ended, to continue to maintain their focus and shine their bright light into their everyday lives. Listen to testimonials from some of our grads here to learn about the impact The Journey has made in their lives (link to videos).

What Our Graduates Have to Say