How he overcame FEAR & found Self Love

“When I took the first step up the stairs leading to Inshallah, the space where I (unknowingly) was about to receive a bright and life changing spiritual awakening, I was trapped in a web of self doubt and insecurity that my mind had woven meticulously throughout my entire life. I had created a corrosive image of myself that bled through every aspect of my life and churned though my soul. A moon was formed that loomed over my being at every moment of existence, creating a cycle of negativity and self hatred that bore huge waves, crashing down onto my inner child and destroying his innocence. These waves took on different forms. Some came in the form of a fist directed at my face, some as nights where I would intentionally deprive myself of sleep so I would be rendered useless the next day, and some came as entire months where I would segregate myself from the people I loved so I could wallow in my self pity and deprive myself of the life. When I looked in the mirror I saw someone who was broken, I saw damaged goods, I saw someone struggling to find a glimpse of a will to live. So I took a leap of faith and signed up for the Journey. 

I flew into San Francisco from the Philippines, took the greyhound down to San Diego, and got in the car that drove me to the Inshallah. I was ready to embrace whatever came my way during to the training, and even then I was caught completely off guard. Over the course of the week, I rediscovered my sense of feeling and self, which had been there all along, blocked by the shadow my ego casted over my entire existence. I saw so clearly what I had been longing for during the darkest times of my life.  I was shocked to find that it lied within myself. Source Journey was a truly life empowering experience for me. It helped me realize my connectivity to the world and open up to the world of existence that laid within myself. Outside of my inner growth and personal spiritual development I have entered into a community dedicated to self realization and living their best life. I am so grateful for my compadres who I went through the training with, as they showed me that everyone is going through it, and I am not alone.”

And now it is YOUR time to invite MORE Self Love and Joy back into your life.  Give yourself the BIGGEST gift of life which is to feel AWAKE & ALIVE inside Again!

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