The Transformational Journey Level II

Purify Your Inner Light

2021 Transformational Journey Level ll

• July 28th-July 31st, 2021
Journey level 1 is a prerequisite.

About The Transformational Journey Level II

The Transformational Journey is a powerful training that provides tools for you to heal from the inside out, by purifying blocked emotions stored in your heart and detaching yourself from preprogramed thoughts and reactions from your past experiences. It is a training like no other that allows you to cleanse your mind and purify your heart with one to one support and attention from the head trainers.

You will learn a proven process where you become a watcher of your life and allow the world to do what it does and be able to process negative interactions and prevent you to be a victim of your life and your emotions.  When you recognize and release your attachments to your inner wounds and strong emotional bonds, it creates space so you can live a life full of confidence, happiness, joy, independence and health from the inside out. Purifying and releasing the pain that is stuck in your heart and creating havoc in your mind, is an empowering way to catapult your life into a life of freedom, inner peace, self love and long lasting happiness. Your soul is yearning for you to deeply love yourself and live a fulfilled, thriving life. This is your birthright.  This course will take you there.

Our goal is to equip you with tools so that you can shed the pain from your heart and move forward from a place of inner strength.

Level II Agenda

The Transformational Journey is a 4 day experiential training that reconnects you to your higher self and awakens you to a gift, one that keeps on giving for the rest of your life.

Morning Session:
  • Morning Yoga session
  • Fountain of Youth exercises
  • Sunrise Guided Meditation
  • Organic Vegan Breakfast
  • Advanced group work which includes a variety of personalized exercises to begin to cleanse your mind and purify your heart to experience inner peace and freedom
  • Intentional Breathwork
  • Organic Vegan Lunch
Afternoon session:
  • Advanced Group Work: Personalized experiential exercises to provide you with tools for you to start the process of purifying blocked emotions stored in your heart and freeing your self from the bondage of your thoughts and past experiences
  • Sound Healing
  • Organic Vegan Dinner
  • Evening Guided Meditation

Self Healing

What Our Graduates Have to Say