Finding Genuine Love, does that mean ‘law of attraction love?”

Does the Valentines Day time of the year lift you up or bring you down?

With all the marketing around Valentine’s day each year, the images of “love” can give us a sense of “fullness” or it can give us a feeling of “lack” in our lives.

If we come to think of it, we are always bombarded with an idealistic picture that love, looks, acts and feels a certain way.  No wonder so many are hungry and expect more out of love.  But the truth is how much of the story we are told coincide with what can be a reality for us.

No matter how we experience the meaning of real love, the truth is, we know deep within us are the depths to experience even more love in our life.

Even though sometimes it feels like we are stuck on the wrong side of the river of love, the good news is you are NOT alone and there are tools for you to cultivate and experience the love you want to have in your life. Equally, the good news is an abundance of love is always inside of you. There is just one obstacle in your way. It is your mind and the preprogrammed thoughts about what love should or should not look like.

If you are feeling a lack of love, could it be because of your old preprogrammed thoughts that are keeping the love that you deserve from entering into your life?”

Every day of our lives, we will always get triggered by others and especially by those that we love.  How you respond in those moments will either bring more love into your life or drive it away. You will never be able to stop the world from being what it is and poking at your emotions. You can, however, change how you perceive it. And you can change your response to it.   Your reactions may have isolated you and repelled love away. In that isolation, it’s easy to believe that you have lost access to love because you don’t have access to the people you want love from. With that mistaken idea of lack, it’s common to respond with something but love. It is a perfect recipe for more loneliness and negativity in our lives.

IT is time to stop this pattern!

How would your life be different if you had a way to respond to people and situations lovingly?  When your loved one says in a disagreeing tone “You never help with the dishes” and you instead lovingly respond by hugging them and saying … never?… (playfully, with a big smile on your face and a kiss on the cheek) and you say, “it looks like never is stopping right now”.  You responding in this way breaks your usual pattern and opening your heart to welcome more joy.

Stop running your old patterns and try something new.   Taking responsibility and breaking old patterns can help you feel the love inside of you which is always there. Love and Joy are like twin spirits.  They go hand in hand.  When love is in the air, Joy is tingling within.

Train yourself to bring more playful responses and experiences in your life.

You will see that JOY is the bridge that will bring more love into your life.

This Valentine’s Day, I challenge you to spice up your love with JOY.  Make a commitment that your day is no ordinary date with yourself and or with whom you are going to be sharing your day with.

Here are some FUN, SPICY, SIMPLE date ideas:

4 Date ideas with a Loved one:
1.     Instead of giving a dozen roses all at once at dinner.  Go to dinner and ask your server at the restaurant (make sure you give him a good tip)to bring a rose to your table every 15 minutes. That will bring a new level of excitement to your partner because it is something new.
2.     Have dinner on a rooftop under the full moon.
3.     Go for a walk together or run outside in the rain.
4.     See a show at a comedy club.  Laughter is the fiber of intimacy.  Laughing together helps people bond.

4 Date ideas with Self:
1.      Go to a hip hop class and let your sexy side out.
2.     Turn up the music and hula hoop and sing to your favorite song, feeling good in your body.
3.     Take a cooking class of something you have always wanted to learn, and while you are in the class make it a point to smile and give compliments to everyone in the class.  Feel the joy you can bubble from within.
4.     Treat yourself to a fancy bath. Buy the salts and candles, dim the lights and write in your gratitude journal, everything that you love about yourself. Once we are able to truly love ourselves, we are able to love someone else.

Click here to watch this inspiring video on attachment love verses genuine love

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 “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” – Rumi 


In friendship,

Colin & Kerry Smith


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