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About The Journey Level I

The Journey takes you to a deep inner experience, a deep clearing and shake down, utilizing proven modalities tested in over 25 years of trainings to wipe away the dust of beliefs and limitations that has attached to your conscious and unconscious mind that has held you back from your true potential, and have the courage to live the life you know you deserve. The result from this experience, is an awakening soul shower one that frees you from the inside out, and is unlike any other experience in the world.

When we are living in fear, anger, stress, or pain and suffering, we exist in a physiological state where our autonomic nervous system shifts into engaging the sympathetic nervous system. This keeps our bodies in a constant “fight-or-flight” state, which continually taps our adrenals and drains our bodies of vital resources leaving us exhausted. Unfortunately, many people stay in this state of imbalance and it becomes their normal daily life. Over time they forget what it feels like to thrive, and they wonder why their relationships struggle, their job is a drag, and they are uninspired by life. This is a painful way to live and one must take action and gain tools to heal themselves. Only through a calm and centered mindset where we are relaxed and optimistic, feeling happy, inspired, and full of joy, can we enter into the parasympathetic state of our nervous system. This shift allows our bodies time to repair traumatized cells, heal painful memories, develop healthy relationships, and thrive in our daily life.  We deserve to heal and to tap into our body’s restorative mechanisms.  It is the foundation for us to live a good life.

The Journey provides techniques that enable us to transcend our suffering by not seeing anything as suffering, but instead realizing that every moment of our lives is a gift. Any struggles we endure are there to remind us how amazing it is just to simply exist, and be blessed with this incredible gift of life. We deserve to live a good life.  And a good life awaits us.

This training helps participants to remember their true nature and tune into this universal truth, our True Perfection. From this perspective we can carry our inner peace and truth with us in our daily lives, feeling the love and strength that constantly supports us and assists us along our own personal journeys.  

The Journey training will remind you of the light you possess within, and we are excited to assist you in reaching your highest potential in all aspects of your life. We are here to ignite your inner light! 

Level I Agenda

Daily group work is powerful and strategically designed per the daily curriculum and customized for each participant. Each session is experiential, and has a clear goal so that you attain clear and profound outcomes.

Morning Session:

  • Morning Yoga session
  • Fountain of Youth exercises
  • Sunrise Guided Meditation
  • Organic Vegan Breakfast (included)
  • Group work which includes a verity of personalized exercises to begin the process of discovering a life of freedom beyond the veil of ego.
  • Intentional Breathwork
  • Organic Vegan Lunch in silence (included)

Afternoon session:

  • Group Work: Personalized experiential exercises are designed to unlock your inner guidance so that your innate wisdom is fulfilled.
  • Transformative Sound Healing
  • Dinner (out to dinner as a group, meal is not included)
  • Evening Guided Meditation

Self Healing

You breathe over 23,000 times per day, and how you breathe determines the quality of your life. Your breath flow is unique to you and a reflection of how you live your life. The quality of your breath frees you or puts you in a survival state of mind. Training your own body how to breathe using your entire respiratory system is a big part of long-lasting self-empowering healing.

For example, if you are breathing only into your chest and shoulders, that is confirming to your body and mind that you are in ‘”fight-or-flight” mode, as opposed to “open and safe” mode. In short, you cannot feel ALIVE and perform your best when your breath is forcing your mind and body to stay focused on primal survival tasks.

At the Journey, you will practice breathing diaphragmatically — breathing in through the nose, filling up the entire belly, and expanding your breath all the way up to your chest. There’s a physiological and neurological response that happens when you breathe in through your nose and into your belly, as it effectively calms your body and mind allowing you to return to an “open-and-safe” mode needed to regenerate cells and heal.

Your breath not only keeps you alive, but it also carries oxygen into your system to cleanse you, heal you, and protect you. Learning how to use your breath effectively can help you build self-confidence, invite joy back into your life, find your voice, and discover the truth of who you really are.

Meditation is a proven powerful modality that is used during the training . The benefits of meditation are multiple. With regular practice, subtle transformations take place in one’s body, mind, and consciousness. One experiences inner peace, and along with that come greater clarity, understanding, and guidance from within. Meditation brings objectivity and intuitive knowledge of how to address the problems that arise in our everyday life. It brings greater harmony and joy to relationships and family life, awakening the capacity to give, and receive unconditional love. It harmonizes the life forces in the body, removing harmful stress and promoting health and vitality. Most importantly meditation, bestows an unshakable inward happiness and security amidst all circumstances of life being one with our divine truth.

One of the healing modalities used at the trainings is Sound Healing. During sound healing sessions, large Feng Wind & Chau Gongs are accompanied by Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls to experience its profound effect, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. It is a powerful tool to cultivate and support deep relaxation and healing on a cellular level. The purpose of sound healing is to create a gentle, yet powerful experience that heals the body, clears the mind and is an instrument of personal transformational power.

Gong sound healing is the oldest and most powerful therapeutic modality, and is the gateway to heightened levels of awareness and consciousness. When your rational mind is inactive, such as in a meditation state, sleep state and during sound healing, your own DNA begins to repair itself.

Clinical studies over the last decades in areas of Neuroscience, Biomagnetism, Neuronal Plasticity, Psychology and even Surgery has demonstrated that music and sound has a positive effect in assisting with medical recovery. From stress reduction, increasing circulation, muscular, metabolic activity and alleviating traumatic stress and recovery.

It is a powerful tool by which we are immersed in total sound and through our intuition we are brought back to our own optimal health and balance, our true nature.

Your Facilitators

Meet the light and the rock behind Awakening Trainings.

Colin & Kerry Smith

Kerry and Colin Smith believe everyone deserves to be happy and it is everyone’s birthright to live a life that cultivates inner happiness, one that comes from within and could never be fulfilled with outward desires. It is only filled with inward clarity, stillness and passion for growth, ignited by one’s own inner wisdom. They have Instilled the importance of inner peace and wisdom in their daily lives and has devoted a deep meditation practice twice a day as part of their very rigorous spiritual routine for the last 26 years.

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