The Reconnection Meditation Retreat

Come... Reconnect, Reboot and Relax.

Upcoming Trainings

January 20th-22nd, 2023 (All are welcome, no prerequisite)
• Friday, January 22nd ~ check-in 11am
• Sunday, January 22nd ~ Check-out at 1pm

About The Reconnection Retreat

A fully inclusive and immersive, wellness retreat where you will experience lasting impact on a two-night rejuvenating, result-driven retreat where you will leave feeling RESTORED and ALIVE  again.

Your personal growth, self-care weekend is designed to re-charge you, your family, and friends to up-level, re-energize, and re-discover what really matters so you can live with more meaning, connection, and vibrancy.

Experience powerful, proven exercises that release any unwanted habits, patterns, and behaviors so that you can feel rejuvenated, renewed and restored, where every moment is yours to savor.

Awaken your mornings with rejuvenating morning movement.  Relax and open your heart during an Anahata Heart Yoga Session.  Enjoy invigorating sound healing sessions to rebalance you to health or experience a powerful guided meditation with a Yogacharini.  Nourish yourself with natural, healing organic vegan meals to cleanse and rejuvenate your body. Take a restorative hike and connect with nature on the San Bernardino Mountains where the beauty and abundance of the flora and fauna abounds   … and so much more!

You will be in a perfect setting for a restorative relaxing weekend designed to untangle your heart and mind so you can launch back into a life of freedom.

 A rich experience for the body, mind, and soul.

Sample Agenda

Reconnect and find your path to wellbeing, purpose, joy, peace, and vibrant health with seasonal activities specifically tailored to up-level, re-energize, and re-discover what really matters most so you can live with more meaning, connection, and vibrancy in your life.
Morning Session:
  • Rise and Shine Morning Yoga
  • Invigorating Fountain of Youth Exercise
  • Opening the Third eye Guided Meditation
  • Revitalizing Breakfast Smoothie
  • Heart Opening Hike to the Healing Tree
  • Intentional Breathwork
  • Seasonal Group Work
  • Nourishing Organic Vegan Lunch
Afternoon session:
  • Manifesting Abundance in your Life Session
  • Sip and Relax with a Soothing Snack
  • Seasonal Group Work
  • Sacral Chakra Creative session
  • Healing Meditation Walk
Evening session:
  • Quiet Mindfulness Time
  • Restorative Heart Healing Breath-work
  • Grounding Organic Vegan Dinner
  • Loving Kindness Guided Meditation
  • Chorus of Alchemy Crystal Bowl Sound Healing Session


“The reconnection retreat was just that. Time to reconnect using all of the tools that Kerry and Colin use to achieve the sense of peace and joy I have felt after every training. In just a few days I was propelled into a greater sense of direction and clarity that I am so thankful to have found. It was a much needed respite after the challenging year we all have experienced. The food was delicious, the surrounding nature prestine, and opportunities to level-up became clear. I fully recommend this or any of their other trainings for those that want to experience life to it’s greatest potential.”

 Sharene, Pharmacy Consultant

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