Upcoming Self-care Events in August!

August has started out with a bang this year and I am so grateful to be leading THREE awesome in-person self-care events this month. Please take a look below and contact me if you are interested in attending any! Bring a friend and let’s make August the month of self-care. You deserve it!  I would be honored to help in the catalyst of learning the arduous process of putting yourself first. We have all been there and we are on Earth today to support and love one another in our journey of life.

TOMORROW!!!! ~ August 4th 2017, 7-9pm

Indie Yoga in Ocean Beach is hosting Colin and I to facilitate a Breath-work session ~ COME!  It’s going to be AWESOME. Love Donations accepted!
Time: 7-9pm
Where: Indie Yoga
1857 Bacon St, San Diego, CA 92107

This SATURDAY ~ August 5th 2017, 10am-12pm

Super Exciting News!  Jessica Davis, Intuitive Healer and I are joining forces and offering a 7 Chakra, Crystal, Reiki, Sound Healing, Transformational Breath Experience.  COME this Saturday, it’s FREE or a Love donation is accepted.
Time: 10-12pm
Where: The Waldorf School of San Diego High School
3547 Altadena Ave.  San Diego CA 92105.

If you LOVE your experience, which I know you will… you can join us for the 7 Charka Series which will consist of SEVEN 2-hour sessions once a month.  EVERYONE can benefit immensely with self-care once a month.  Limited Space is available, for the series.


SOURCE JOURNEY ~ Aug 13-19th 2017

I have posted a few times about Source Journey, but we are really gettign down to the wire!  If you are entertaining the idea of attending, call me NOW.  There are only a few spots left.

Everyone asks me, is Source Journey Training any different than all the other courses I have taken?

My answer is the same every time.  Source Journey is a hands-on training where you experience the four things you need to know in order to self-realize.  To self-realize means to live your life in alignment with your highest and best self, centered in the vibration of LOVE.   It is the opportunity to learn to interact and make choices in your life with appreciation, love, and joy for yourself and all involved.  This is true mental, emotional and physical FREEDOM.  You will experience that you are not the mind or the emotions.  You will discover your true self – the indwelling being, the watcher.  Now, if you decide to apply what you learn when you get home is entirely up to you.  Yet, inside you, on a cellular level, you now know your full potential, and it is undeniable the most in-depth personal transforming training, in the world.

“As I peel back the layers of my ego attachment and past traumas.  My heart is freed and now allows an incredible amount of love in my life.  I seek the place where only Love at the highest level exists, in my relationship and my practical world of work and play.  This place is inside and becomes exposed through this letting go and allowing a process that is experiential at Source Journey.”  

If you want a taste of one of the tools that we use in the training, come experience yourself!  Each of these courses, space is limited so come early or email me and I will reserve your spot.

See you soon!


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