Give Gratitude: It’s the First Step on How to Properly Meditate

Happy Thanksgiving!

The act of giving gratitude is healing, powerful, effective and energizing.

Gratitude increases positivity and makes you ALIVE inside. Your acknowledgment and appreciation of gratitude will make your inner light shine brighter.

It requires you to be present and consciously engaged in the moment, in order to reap the reward of it.

Gratitude reminds you that YOU ARE ALREADY ENOUGH!

It sheds light on your hidden blessings. It slows life down so you can pay attention; so life is happening for’ you versus ‘to’ you.

To reap the benefits of meditation, demonstrate gratitude and open your heart so that you can begin to feel safe enough to merge into and witness the role of your life.

Intentional gratitude is a discipline that can change the course of one’s life. It trains you to recover more quickly from stress and adversity and to see the positivity in each situation. It trains your brain to be more helpful and empathic and increases your sense of self-worth.

Watch my simple gratitude video of some of the people that have so dearly touched my life.

Thanksgiving is an incredible opportunity for you to give GRATITUDE and being on your way to learning how to properly meditate!

Gratitude Exercise to others:

  1. Think about 3 people who could use some verbal appreciation from you. Write those names down on a piece of paper
  2. Today, explicitly communicate to each of those people, why you appreciate them in your life.
  3. On your piece of paper; after you shared from your heart why you appreciate them, write how you felt after you shared your gratitude.

Gratitude Exercise to self:

  1. Write down 3 describing words that you love about yourself: (inspiring, enthusiastic, kind, helpful, good listener, etc.)
  2. Close your eyes.
  3. For 3 minutes put your hands on your heart and acknowledge those characteristics within yourself. (1 minute for each word). Keep your mind focused and visualize how you feel inside when you practice each of those words.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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