Awaken Your Inner Wisdom By Mastering Energy

Sooo… you’re in the middle of buying presents, planning family meals, other words holiday chaos

Do you have any anxiety, fear or frustration when you think about the holidays?

Are you feeling like there is not enough time in the day and more anxious than normal?

Many people experience anxiety and fear when there is a lot on their ‘to-do’ list. The truth is, that anxiety and fear both pulls you away from you being able to listen to your Inner Wisdom.

Anxiety is simply disorganized energy — anxiety could mean that you enjoy fast energy, you are passionate and you care about the situation that you are experiencing?

Energy is energy. Whether it’s anxiety or love, fear or joy.

Energy is either organized or disorganized.

Find the anxiety in your body
Is it in your gut?
In your chest?

Tell your body to organize your anxious energy into the energy of love or joy. You are in control of your energy.

Having anxiety means you have a lot of passion, you simply care a lot about things going right because of how much you heart you put into your actions.

With the power of your mind, you can organize the energy of anxiety into the energy of love.

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