Be Your BEST SELF: Learn A Simple High Performance Coaching Tool

Be your BEST Self this Holiday season.

I am sure you know what your BEST self looks and feels like.

Yet, how often are you living as your BEST self?

If you’re like most people, not as often as you would like too.

Today, you will learn a simple High Performance Coaching tool to assist you so that you can be your Best Self.

Watch this video so that you feel, ALIVE & FREE again.

The anticipation of the holiday season can bring up feelings of anxiety and stir up negative emotions from your past. That is when the internal dialogue battle begins, the internal conversations of how THIS holiday season is going to go; and you bring yourself down. You know, those fictitious conversations that never seem to happen except in your head. The result from those mental mind games is a build up of anxiety, anger, frustration and resentment. A mind loaded up with those emotions, you might as well say good bye Best Self.

It’s time to put a STOP to that mental game and learn a simple tool to allow your BEST self to shine through.

The power of our minds is beyond what we can fathom.

Use your mind wisely so that you feel empowered versus powerless.

Simple High-Performance Coaching Power Tool to be your Best Self this Holiday Season

  1. Imagine your Best Self
  2. Describe your Best Self in 3 words
  3. Write down these words and the reasons why each word is meaningful to you
  4. Spend 2 minutes daily, visualizing you as your BEST Self.
  5. Repeat this daily, until these words become a part of you!

Your energy follows thought. Set an intention to be your BEST self for the day and your energy will follow it.

Shine on!

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