You’re cute but… BUT WHAT?

Once you realize that your emotions are directly related to what the quality of your life is, it is time also for you to understand what creates your emotional reactions.

We all have situations, people and events that rub us the wrong way, and it’s quite common to allow outside circumstances to dictate how much joy you have, feel and express.  It is so easy to start off with a strong negative response to negative external events.  You need to train yourself to have what i call ‘emotional endurance’.  You need to make yourself strong in the face of negativity coming your way and create neutrality to it.  Emotional Endurance means you have established patterns so that your automatic emotional responses are positive ones.

This week, I challenge you to think about these situations in a new way so you can regain your inner joy when things around you look like they are going south.

In this video you will learn three solid, effective tools you can use to establish emotional endurance as your regular basis for operating and ultimately for thriving.

“… if you feel that you are happier today, then you are progressing;  and this feeling of happiness must continue.”  Paramahansa Yogananda


Kerry Lee


Thank you for doing your part in and taking personal responsibility for creating a more peaceful, loving and Joyful world.


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1 thought on “You’re cute but… BUT WHAT?”

  1. Loved listening to your video Kerry- Thank you!
    Sometimes negativity can enter our lives at any given time- I’m challenging myself to breath- to just keep my bright light shining despite comments or opinions people might have-
    Thank you for your inspirational video today!

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