Movie Review– Inside Out is AMAZING!

The new Pixar film, Inside Out is definitely a film you’ll want to see and it’s a film for all ages!

It’s a tearjerker because Riley’s character is incredibly relatable…I mean she has the same emotions that well, everyone has.

Riley is an 11 year old girl who is guided by her personified emotions of joy, fear, disgust, anger and sadness. They all live in the ‘control center’ of her mind.

  • Fear protects Riley
  • Disgust keeps Riley from being poisoned (physically and socially)
  • Anger guides her to express herself when she’s mad
  • Joy is happy when Riley’s happy

And what’s interesting is the other emotions don’t understand the role sadness plays in Riley’s life at the beginning of the movie, which totally sheds light on the fact that pretty much every time you’re sad people tend to tell you to just “cheer up” instead of letting you feel it and flow it.

I believe in and teach the importance of getting inside your head, understanding your internal dialogue and figuring out your emotions. This movie does a fantastic job of showing the audience how we think and feel, which simply helps us understand life a little bit more.

Inside Out’s characters separate the drama/heaviness of emotion by making the feelings into fun characters. This separation helps create ease within because it’s an understanding that when you feel angry and when you’re feeling fear — it’s all in your head — literally.

The movie plays on the array of emotions that we experience daily and what it feels like when we are having a difficult time finding the joy in life.

We live in a dualistic world and ya know, sometimes you have to flow through the sadness to get to the joy. At the end of the day, joy is not the same without sadness and sadness is not the same without joy.

Having these emotions personified in the movie, Inside Out, does something to your mind, it makes you fall in love with your fear, your anger, disgust and sadness because you fall in love with the characters.

And loving all your feelings is great because you can’t ever reach the other side of the rainbow until you learn to express and accept all the different colors of your feelings.

So go ahead and see the feelings as characters in your mind, let them know it’s okay to show themselves. The quicker anger and sadness can be at the ‘control center’ for a bit, the quicker joy can come back and run the show.

“See the world from the inside out.”

“There’s always a way to turn things around.”

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