SOULution to your baggage

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The SOULution to your Baggage
Take Control of your Inner Voice
The bestseller everyone is talking about – Imagine a life where you:
  • Awaken your True Self in a radical radiant way with a deep appreciation for the perfection that is YOU.
  • Develop deeper connections, carved out quality time and ignited the spark of True Love.
  • Open your heart to feel JOY at all times detaching from outside wants, needs and desires.

The SOULution to your Baggage offers simple yet profound tips and tools to live your Light and Love in the world. Whether you’re a first-timer into your inner world, or it’s been your life-long practice to turn inward, this book will transform the relationship you have with yourself and the relationships you have with all those around you.

Kerry Lee’s book shows you which stage your ‘Play of Life’ is on and how to play on a stage where you’re the shining star, the adoring audience and most importantly, the director. You’ll determine how to live on a stage that allows you to radiate ever-new Joy and simply spread Love, always.


By reading The SOULution to your Baggage, you’ll discover what it looks like and feels like to take control of your inner thoughts, put an end to the negative talk of your internal dialogue and make your inner voice your Number One Fan. Doing so not only puts an end to destructive behavior, but creates an opening in your consciousness where the Truth of who you are can come through and a world of endless possibilities can be Yours.




Kerry Lee Smith

Kerry Lee Smith is the author of bestselling book, The SOULution to your Baggage, Take Control of your Inner Voice. She’s known as the interior designer of consciousness and the personal trainer for your internal dialogue. Her passion lies in guiding others to discover how to Live a Life to Love.

Kerry grew up with learning challenges, busting at the seams for creative expression, she is now able to approach all challenges head on, driven to infuse joy into absolutely everything.

Kerry is also a public speaker, founder of the Bright Beaming Beautiful You Live Event and Pocket Full of Joy Online Course. Along with more than 2 decades of spiritual practice, Kerry has made a commitment to speaking her truth and shining her light while spreading Love and Joy along the way.




The Pocket Full of Joy is a 6-week online program that only happens twice a year, yet comes with life-long access and builds a conscious community to engage in daily life on a JOYful level. We work together to create strong relationships, cultivate more connection, experience more love, and find the fun in life!

You will:

  • Feel grounded, more self-confident
  • Tap into your Divine Perfection
  • Quiet the mind and retrain your inner voice
  • Understand why your relationships are thriving or hardly surviving
  • Experience more love
  • Experience less stress
  • Feel lighter, more playful, and find the fun!
Pocket Full of Joy unleashes the power of unlimited potential within YOU.

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