Tap into Universal Love & Peace in 9 Minutes

Tap into Universal Love & Peace within: 9 min Guided Meditation

In this Pause Point, you will learn to listen to your higher self, you will connect into your universe love and peace which helps develop internal happiness.

Trust yourself.  You are empowering, uplifting and inspiring.

“Whether you think you can, or think you can’t you’re right.” — Henry Ford

Awakening peace and love in your heart allows new thoughts to shape the direction of your life and before you know it, your actions in your life become centered.  Tap into universal love, inner stillness and peace inside and you will transform your life and inner joy permanently.  


I am open to the Love that the universe has for me.  

Love is my experience.  

And inner peace is found within.

You are Universal Love and Peace,

Kerry Lee

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