Happiness — From Fleeting to Forever with One Simple Question

Some days we want to just relax and have that cookie or that glass of wine.

We want to go into our habit body and enjoy what we’re used to, even if we have goals that say the above wouldn’t be the best idea. That’s called being stuck in the comfortable.

So how do we create long-lasting happiness versus the fleeting happiness that comes with that bite of cookie?

There’s one question I ask myself whenever I’m faced with a choice and I explain in this video:

The question to ask yourself is, “Is this going to create long-lasting happiness?”

This gives you power to make better decisions and helps you to cultivate the type of life that you want to lead so that when you look back a week, a month, a year from now, you’ll see that you’ve created many days of happiness that has led to long-lasting happiness rather than fleeting moments.

If you need help training your internal dialogue so that you have a strong mind. One that helps you say no to your bad habits and yes to your good ones then check out my Free Video Series to help your self-talk.

Training the voice inside your head will give you that extra boost to keep you on the right track to long-lasting happiness.


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