5 Steps to Personal Freedom

We’re all on a journey of creating more happiness. Our daily decisions determine our long lasting happiness.

Imagine ending each day, each week, each month and realizing you didn’t use a carton of ice cream to make you feel less alone, you didn’t use Netflix to cope with boredom, and you didn’t even have to force yourself to your workout class!

Here’re steps to get to your personal freedom where your life feels full, you feel energized and nothing seems to take you down (at least not for too long — we gotta be realistic here).

1. Meditation — Train your brain so you can focus and concentrate on stillness, to be able to listen to that internal wisdom that’s waiting to be heard. The only way to do that is to still the mind through meditation.

2. Exercise — When you move and exercise you start to get a new perspective on life. Moving the blood, moves your energy.

3. Right Diet — Would you feed your million dollar race horse crappy food? No. Start treating yourself like you would a million dollar race horse.

4. Relaxation — Give yourself time to relax, to unwind and calm the mind. Whether that’s a bath, reading a book or just putting your feet up on the couch.

5. Self Control — Self Control is knowing you can and deciding you won’t. It’s knowing what’s best for you, it’s living intuitively.

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