How to Feel Empowered around Opinionated People

Do you have any friends or family members who claim they have an open-mind, yet when you discuss anything with them, from what restaurant eat at to who they want for president, they don’t seem to be willing to listen to your side?

This can be frustrating and leave you feeling less than, not heard or just fed up.

Here’s how to feel empowered around people with strong opinions so that you don’t feel stunted by their energy.

When someone has a strong opinion, try getting curious and inquisitive, ask them questions about their side and make sure you’re coming from a place of genuine interest.

The chance of them mirroring your behavior increases because they won’t feel as strongly about needing to guard their stance.

This takes the air out of the conversation, when pressure is released, a flow of energy between two people in a conversation becomes more balanced and equal.

Get curious today.


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