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Pocket Full of Joy is a 6-week online program with 2 bonus weeks, continual education for an entire year AND a life-long membership.

Through on-going support, we empower you to embrace and celebrate growth in your life.  We offer the BEST information in the areas of training your Inner Voice, opening your heart, and merging into your Higher Self.


What is Pocket Full of Joy?

Pocket Full of Joy is an online course designed to guide you on your journey of JOY. You will receive a lifelong membership to Pocket Full of Joy along with access to an online conscious community that engages in daily life on a joyful level. We work together to create stong relationships, cultivate more connection, experience more love and find the fun in life!


Who is this for?

Pocket Full of Joy is for souls who are seeking to engage in strong relationships, cultivate more connection, experience more love, and find the fun in life! It’s time to take responsibility and dive into the truth that love will guide you to your Divine Purpose. IT’S YOUR TIME!


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What Will I Learn?

Week 1: Make the Unreal - REAL!

I Finally Feel That I’m on Track and I’m Never Going Back.

  • Increase inner balance by discovering what depletes you and how to nourish you
  • Balance your busy life by prioritizing your day, learn simple practices to clear your mind, energize your body, and supercharge your soul connection.
  • Create clarity around what you want in your relationships, career, travel, material world, contributions, and spiritual growth.
  • Tips and tools on how to implement and achieve your daily dreams and life-long dreams
  • Learn to take full responsibility for your emotions and be in your desired state of bliss.
  • Unleash the power of putting yourself first
  • Discover the power of renewed energy, identify your baggage so you can stay calm, cool, and connected with your higher self.
  • Awaken your True Self in a radical radiant way with a deep appreciation for the perfection that is YOU.

Week 2: Thriving Relationships

I finally feel safe to merge into Me

  • The quality of your relationships dictate the quality of your life: Step into a relationship that is thriving rather than hardly surviving
  • Develop deeper connections and carve out quality time, ignite the spark of True Love
  • Understand why and how your internal dialogue is dictating the quality of your life
  • Learn the predictability of your emotional behavior. It’s the key to create change. Welcome to personal power.
  • Learn how to make your physical body work for you, changing your body posture changes your state of being.
  • Open up infinite opportunities to live life by your design
  • Tune into your vision and learn why your vision creates either pain or suffering
  • Are your relationships full of love, joy, connection and ease? If so, why or why not? Discover the reasons.

Week 3: What you Need to SUCCEED

The mind craves salvation in the material world as a substitute for Joy

  • Understanding your belief system sheds light on your self-sabotaging behaviors, awareness is the first step to invite new ways of being
  • Pain is your teacher. When pain is ignored you meet suffering. When you observe pain you welcome the choice to change.
  • My infinite 8 will show you why you do what you do and how to create empowering patterns for ever new joy.
  • Why does your mind habitually deny long-lasting joy? Because past painful patterns create a false seduction into delusional happiness.
  • Learn to train your internal dialogue for conscious change.
  • Remember that your perception of life is a reflection of your state of being.
  • Your thoughts are merely a speck in the consciousness. Your thoughts cannot survive without consciousness. Consciousness does not need your thoughts.

Week 4: Witnessing YOUR Perfection

You will then see everything and everyone as perfect too.

  • When you open your heart, you will feel joy at all times with no judgement and no discrimination of needs. You will be fully content.
  • When you engage in your mind, you disrupt a moment that is Cosmic Divine. Learn to become the observer and detach from internal dialogue. You will then bare-witness to the perfection of the Universe.
  • When you withdrawal from the mind chatter and merge with your higher self, you will discover that you are not your thinking mind. This is the essence of the observer.
  • Learn that: thinking will lead you far from the truth, feeling will get you closer to the truth, and observing is the truth.
  • Discover that everything you want is inside of you; this gives you permission detach from your needs.
  • I invite you to realize: all that truly matters is beyond the mind, beyond the heart, and one with the observer. The one who observes the mind comes to know the great mystery of creation.

Week 5: Conscious Connection

Wellbeing flows from the ability to actively listen and consciously communicate.

  • Did you know you create your world through connection?
  • Learn tools to actively listen and consciously communicate with yourself and others
  • Uncover the connection your communication has with your purpose
  • Begin to listen to what the Universe is telling you then the doorway to guidance will open
  • Open up to your role in life. Personal growth comes with taking responsibility for your words, actions, and results.
  • Accept ownership for your communication, you create inner strength, respect and integrity.
  • Responsibility creates trust because what you are on the inside is what, sooner or later, manifests itself on the outside.

Week 6: Beam Your Bliss

Take your mind, body, and spirit to a place they long to be.

  • Rhythm replaces willpower, learn how to build daily practice
  • Welcome journaling to foster deeper insight, self-awareness and conscious change
  • The practice of inner awareness cultivates a deeper connection with self, more energy and more joy.
  • How to strengthen the body, increase energy and clear the mind with a 20 minute enlivened exercise
  • Learn the power and importance of nutrition and how it affects your daily life
  • Live the Light and the Love in the World

When and how does it work?

Pocket Full of Joy starts October 2015. It’s a 6 week online program with a bonus of 2 weeks, 10 months of support, which is an entire year, to help you sustain your change. We adress specic topics of personal growth, relationships, mind clarity, soul nourishment, emotional baggage, the power of intention, and the expansion of love. 

Wisdom Weekly

  • Magical Module Monday: For 6-weeks, plus 2-week bonus and year-to-date monthly instructional videos will be delivered straight to your email on topics such as mastering your mind, opening your heart, enjoying your life, and stepping into your higher self.
  • Wisdom Wednesday: You’ll receive my awesome affirmation
  • A Year of Support: Time to Thrive! You will receive year-to-date monthly support videos for you to continue exploring your awakened potential.

24/7 Camaraderie

  • Join our private Facebook group, a safe space for members to ask questions and receive free feedback
  • Keep it positive, uplift your peers, and keep the good vibes rollin’
  • Share your breakthroughs, successes, dreams, challenges, motivation and more…

Exclusive Membership Website

  • All Pocket Full of Joy members have access to our exclusive membership site where all videos, PDFs, bonuses, and materials for Pocket Full of Joy are stored.
  • The guidance you receive is a result of my passionate 20-year pursuit of personal growth and spiritual awakening. I have hand-crafted this program to minimize your suffering and help you find ever new joy.
  • You will receive my very best coaching, my undivided attention, and my open heart, which is here to serve YOU! I am SUPER excited!

My Team and ME

  • That’s right, you get all of ME! A great storehouse of tools and techniques that I have gathered over my 20 years of intense study.
  • My team and I will dedicate our time for the entire 6 weeks answering questions and offering support, wisdom, and guidance.
  • Kerry Lee and her team are fabulously fun, energetically engaged, incredibly inspired, and ready to do whatever it takes to guide you to Live a Life to LOVE!


The Pocket Full of Joy community is where life-long learning and the search for personal freedom join hands to breakthrough challenges, soar beyond boundaries, and open the door to the depths of your being.

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The time is now to uplift your life, infuse joy in every aspect of your being and dive into spirit bliss!  Enroll today and receive a life time membership to The Pocket Full of Joy online program, designed and facilitated by Kerry Lee Smith.

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I ensure that the Pocket Full of Joy is a worthwhile endeavor. You will receive radical return on your investment. Invest in yourself!

What I need from you is to Connect, Commit, and Consume this invaluable program. Dedicate 2 hours a week, suggested 20 min. a day, to make YOUR dreams your REALITY. OWN IT!

Only you can do the work, I have absolutely no doubt that my tips and tools can dramatically shift your life when you put forth the effort. I understand that you are busy and time is difficult to come by, that’s why I’ve given you life-time access. I 100{05a7b29178adf4ceee22c155739260d8fc457576af8208a464232e82ddd5e4b7} stand behind my product, I know with every cell of my being that if you are willing and able to put in the work then by the end of the program you’ll be able to take back full control of your life and live life by your design.

Pocket Full of Joy membership is 100{05a7b29178adf4ceee22c155739260d8fc457576af8208a464232e82ddd5e4b7} satisfaction guaranteed, after October 18, 2015, we can honor a full refund once you provide us with all of your om-work and videos are completed.


What will I learn?
This fun, interactive program is designed for you. BBBYou focuses on all aspects of your life and gives you what you have been asking for: More tools and techniques so you can generate more joy, love, connection and success.

When does Pocket Full of Joy Start and End?

Starts: October 5, 2015
Ends: November 23, 2015
Continual Education: September, 2016.

Do I need to live in San Diego, CA?

No way Jose, anytime, anywhere. Join our JOY Train, Pocket Full of Joy is a virtual program. It’s accessible anywhere in the world if you have internet.

What if I can’t tune in on Magical Monday Module release date?

No worries! We got you covered on this one, all modules are available and archived inside the Pocket Full of Joy members site for you to view at your convince. Cruise on over on your watch!

If I watch your free weekly blogs, will I receive the same benefits as this program?

Nope and good question! Although I take pride in all my valuable weekly wisdom, I only can shed light on those certain topics.

With that being said, there’s no comparison to this in-depth content of the Pocket Full of Joy. I could never put all of my information that is delivered to you in this program in a blog post that would ever match the magnitude of wisdom or support you will receive in the Pocket Full of Joy.

What if I realize the Pocket Full of Joy is not for me?

No problem, Pocket Full of Joy comes with 100{05a7b29178adf4ceee22c155739260d8fc457576af8208a464232e82ddd5e4b7} money back guaranteed.

If you finish the program and feel as though you received no benefits, we can still honor a full refund once you provide us with all Joy Sheets completed and all videos watched (which we can see on our end).

Am I too new? I’ve never endeavored in a personal growth course, can I join?

Of course you can! We LOVE brand spankin’ new! Pocket Full of Joy is designed for anyone who is ready to create strong relationships, cultivate more connection, experience more love, and find the fun in life!

What will I get out of joining the Pocket Full of Joy?

Here’s a sneak peak of a short power list of benefits:

  • You will feel grounded, more self-confident
  • You will learn the power to follow through
  • You will tap into your Divine Perfection
  • You will learn how to out picture your desires and your dreams
  • You will quiet the mind and retrain your inner voice
  • You will understand why your relationships are thriving or hardly surviving
  • You will have a greater understanding of your emotional patterning
  • You will discover the four ways to change
  • You will establish a deep understanding of why you’re doing what you’re doing
  • You will have more balance
  • You will have more energy
  • You will have more clarity
  • You will experience more love
  • You will come to know conscious language
  • You will experience less stress
  • You will feel lighter, more playful, and find the fun!
  • You will learn how to flow in the abundance of who YOU are
Choose Joy Now!

Final Words from Kerry Lee!

Join the Joy in our community by taking the first step towards endless possibilities, ever new joy and your SOUL Inspiration.

I’m sure you probably know by now if Pocket Full of Joy is right for you and if you are still unclear, consider this:

Wouldn’t it be amazing to experience a disagreement where everyone left feeling at peace?

Imagine you are able to tap into the unlimited power of the truth of who you areyou are and feel your personal power in your bones of your BEING! What would it be like if you were full of energy and you were able to achieve everything you wanted in your day?

What would your life look like if you were able to tap into the presence of peace, inner stillness, and engage in life with love and joy! Envision your mind, body, and spirit aligned and thriving in the place they long to be. What would your life be like if you fell deeply in love with yourself?

And through your awakening awareness you were in a community with like-minded souls who share your values and cheer you on!

These are only SOME of the possibilities that you will experience in Pocket Full of Joy! If this sounds right up your alley, then you just have one thing left to do, join in on OUR JOY — NOW!

Living a Life to Love,


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Meet Kerry Lee

This is the deal. Day to day life can be a wild ride. So many people struggle when it’s really not necessary… The reason you suffer is a result of your internal dialogue and your past baggage.

Even when I was young I wasn’t interested in engaging in struggle. Life is to be enjoyed and experiences are there to learn from. We are not on Earth to suffer. You’re not helping anyone by drowning in your misery. 

I continue to choose to see every opportunity as a growth opportunity. Sure, I experience moments of sadness, frustration, and anger, but my moments are few and far between. I catch my emotions early in the game and observe them, which creates inner peace, inner clarity, and expansion of love.

Once you see life as a school of opportunity, you learn how to get comfortable in the uncomfortable and embrace pain. This is where you begin to thrive and grow. Welcome to personal freedom. 

I’ve been fortunate to come from a family of abundant love where all marriages (my parents, my grandparents, my great-grandparents etc.) modeled how to thrive and grow. There has not been one divorce… can you believe that?! Crazy cool. My model was/is great relationships of respect, honor, love and connection.

It fascinated me why people experience such trauma and drama in their relationships. I began to saturate myself with the study of personal growth, spirit connection, and the cause of pleasure and pain in life.

My commitment is to minimize suffering and step into ever new joy on a moment-to-moment basis. Through this commitment, I created a program to spread that joy to YOU. To awaken awareness and provide tools and techniques that cut through the delusion and guide you to the Truth. 

I am a simple person with simple solutions. And simple works.


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