Ready for more LOVE in your heart?

Ready for more LOVE in your heart?

Quick Shift: I am Brave

Bravery isn’t a quality that you’re born with — you find it from within.  It takes energy, effort and courage to be brave.  By practicing my ‘I am Brave’ pose it will support you when you need to call on your qualities of bravery to feel strong and confident while keeping your heart open to heal, learn and love.

Bravery doesn’t mean that you’re never fearful, it simply means that you are willing to look fear in the face and step through that experience and acknowledge your fear.  

Think of a time when you have called upon your strength of bravery.

Maybe you stood up for yourself and/or someone else?

Maybe you experienced something that was scary?

Whatever you did be proud of yourself and know that you are brave.

This Quick Shift is said to create more confidence, patience, strength and balance inside of yourself. It can correct poor posture, improve flexibility, strengthens your ankles, legs, and shoulders while opening your heart center.  This pose allows more love to come into your life so you can share your inner brilliance with the world.

Be brave and tap into your warrior strength and invigorate your whole body in this Quick Shift.

You are brave!

Kerry Lee

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