Awaken Your True Inner Self

Source Seminars offers trainings that unravels the pain and suffering that we all hide deep within ourselves.  The results… are life-changing and life-lasting.
“Attending Source Journey has changed my life.   It gave me a completely fresh outlook on my life perspective and how I would like to tell my life story.  It gave me enlightenment on things that matter the most to me.   And that is my love and connection to my inner self and my connection to divine love.    It has allowed me to dive deep into my deepest wounds and freed a lot of my cobwebs from my past that has not allowed me to live up to my freedom and joy.   When I first came to Source Journey I was coming out of a very traumatic marriage and living by the second on a life boat.  I was miserable and an anxious mess and felt my life was out of control.  A week later coming out of Source Journey, I discovered a sense of strength that I found from within, in the deepest layers of my soul and my heart.  And that strength has allowed me to free myself from my past and look forward to this amazing and beautiful life ahead of me that I have unfolded for myself.  
I would highly recommend everyone to come to Source Journey.  It is the best and most rewarding gift you will ever give yourself.”

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