Tune Into Your Inner Wisdom with The Journey

We are offering a rare, last-minute opportunity to one of the deepest self-explorations that will launch your personal awareness into auto drive. Only a very select number of spots have been opened for our August 13th training of The Journey by Source Seminars in serene Idylwild, CA.

The Journey will give you the opportunity to free yourself of emotional and mental destructive patterns that are re-occurring in your life.  With a new found freedom and trust in your own inner wisdom,  you can re-design your life to reach new heights in whatever areas of life you choose.

It’s an experientially based training that will incorporate meditation, intentional breath-work, sound healing, emotional release-work and ongoing Socratic interaction between the trainers and participant regarding the progression of their self-inquiry and unfolding awareness. You will learn how to tune into your inner wisdom and build healthy relationships. 


Our Veteran Leaders

Kanta Masters and Dennis Holz have guided thousands of people through the experience of Source Seminars for over 25 years. The staff members, Kerry and Colin Smith started as students of Kanta and Dennis in 2003 and played an active role as senior staff and staff.  These four leaders will guide the training and facilitate your transformation.

By going thru this seminar, I feel as if I have come across the answers to all my prayers…..My journey ends where this line of study begins. And its not really a study, a religion, or even a ‘spiritual practice’, as I am used to these being times set apart to do something like a ritual, or meditation, or exercises. No this is beyond all that. It is a doable method of disciplining my mind to stop torturing me! 

So if you too are beset with your own thoughts which take up all your attention, and then would like to make them STOP so you can enjoy life, …. have I caught your attention??  I hope so…. Thank you Michael Singer, author of the book ‘The Untethered Soul”  and thank you so much to the ones who expanded on that book to create a course that sings of freedom and joy, Kanta and Dennis. Again, just amazing cutting edge info and methods presented to anyone who wishes to feel a real change, without doing anything really but read the book and practices its wisdom.

It is something you won’t want to overlook. Happiness is so much easier to achieve now. So thank you to all my compadres, my teachers, my God, who made this leg of the journey thru life so much the richer.” 

Michelle Mann

This training is tried and true… you will not want to miss out on this opportunity. Please email Kerry at Kerry@theawakeningtrainings.com to find out more information today. She is also available to take your call at 619) 341-2604. For more information, please visit SourceSeminars.com

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