Inner Wisdom: Love vs Attachment

There is such a fine line between love and attachment, that oftentimes people do not see the difference. Do you find yourself struggling with the desire to control those that you love?  Yet, the more that you find yourself controlling, the more inner pain you experience. Why? Find out through inner wisdom!

What is the difference between love and attachment?

Love is a divine feeling that you want the person you love to be happy in their journey no matter what that might be. Love is letting go. Love is freeing. Attachment is loving someone but expecting them to fulfill your happiness. Attachment is controlling. Attachment is painful. What makes it so difficult is that we often do these attachment behaviors in the name of love, not even seeing the controlling side of it.  You could be in an attached relationship if you feel anxious when you and your partner are separated. You could be in an attached relationship if you feel suffocated by your partner and are in constant need of space. These are two prime examples of placing your need for love and approval into your partner’s hands instead of taking on this responsibility for yourself.

How do I find the answer through inner wisdom?

What is inner wisdom?  Brian Leaf, author of Misadventures of a Garden State Yogi, defines inner wisdom “as a knowledge that comes from quieting the mind, setting aside the ego, setting aside one’s ideas of how things should be, and listening and feeling for what feels truly right.”   When you tune into your inner wisdom, you will be able to feel the difference between love and attachment. Tuning into your inner wisdom will take practice and patience.

Check out this wise monk as she shares her inner wisdom and her description of genuine love versus attachment.

I believe you will find it inspiring!

Thumbnail of a youtube video of a monk's inner wisdom showing the difference between genuine love and attachment


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