Simple Yoga to Sharpen and Stimulate Brain Function

Food for thought! Chew on this! Your Yoga Quick Shift today is nourishing brain food that is packed with all the stimulation that creates a healthy brain!

Today’s Yoga Quick Shift…

Sound familiar like you are in school? You are in the school of…

S-cubed =  Super-charge, Super-smart, and Super-strong.

  • Beneficial for children with learning disabilities, hyperactive, autism, ADHA, ADD
  • Helps improve memory
  • Builds focus for your day
  • Improves energy while decrease with fatigue
  • Women: great to do 2 days before your cycle (& do not do during cycle)
  • Strengthens your calf, legs and thigh muscles

This Yoga Quick Shift will not only improve your energy and build your memory.  How awesome is that!  Share this exercise with others and nourish them too.  Everyone deserves nourishment for their brain.

You are Nourished!

Kerry Lee




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Disclaimer:  This is a great yoga pose, and we want you to know it may not be suitable for everyone and may not be tailored to your specific levels of energy, health or fitness.  If you are concerned whether it is appropriate for you, please consult with your physician or other health professional before trying it.  Please be careful, and exercise in a well lit, clutter free environment in comfortable clothing.  It is up to you to stop the exercise if you feel dizzy, faint, light-headed or experience any discomfort.  Since every body is different, no medical advice or guarantees of any results are made, and the creators, owners, and distributors of the material are not responsible for any damage or injury you may incur.

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