What EVERY Teen Needs!

Do you know of a teenager that struggles? Yes of course! At some point on some level everyone struggles. This is because of a growing disconnect between the teenager and his/her inner self.

How you/your teen handles their struggles/challenges is how life will be defined and experienced.

How can my teen rediscover his/her inner self!?

That is why the “Clean Teen” course is so important to send your teenager to.

Here are two testimonials from teenagers who went to the course in 2014 and 2015.  These testimonial were written this week 2017.   This is how profound the course is on these teenagers to sustatin their change.  Enjoy!

“Clean teen training helped me work through my past issues and prepared me for the issues and challenges that have come up for me in my everyday day life. Honestly, I don’t know where I would be today without having the tools that I learned at this course. It’s amazing that one week changed the direction of my life. I highly recommend it for everyone!”
Nathan H. (today, 17 yrs old)

“Clean Teen helped me work through issues that were creating dysfunctional patterns in my life.  It gave me the ability to find my True Self and be comfortable in my own skin.”
Ella F. (today, 16 yrs old)

If you are interested in “Clean Teen,” call or email me ASAP.  This class is limited to 12 teenagers and there are only a couple spots left.

Empower your teen and email/call me today!


Kerry Lee Smith

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