How to HELP your Teenager!

As you know, the teenage years can be some of the most difficult times in life. These delicate years are when teenagers’ wings begin to take form and they hopefully learn how to fly as happy, healthy, independent adults. This is the best time for them to truly get in touch with their inner self.

Why do I need to support my teenager?

The problem is, many teenage environments don’t support healthy growth to build self-love, inner joy and personal expression of creativity.  That is why it is critical to offer support to your teenager. Between peer groups, education systems and the pressure of higher education & sports, is where teens begin to lose sight of their inner spark and who they are and what they love about themSELVES.

What is the solution?

My husband and I have been apart of an amazing program called “Clean Teen”.  The head facilitators (Kanta Masters & Dennis Holz) have been in this field of expertise for over 25 years.  Four years ago, we helped them create a new course called “Clean Teen”.  The reason I took such a strong interest in “Clean Teen”, is my kids were just entering into their teenage years and I knew they needed support so that they would have the inner strength to make their highest choices throughout their life. This summer, Colin and I will be assisting with this program.  The “Clean Teen” course is six days located in Idyllwild, CA.

Where do I sign up?

If you are interested email me ASAP, there are a few spaces left.
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Joy Joy Joy!

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