How Your Inner Voices Stands Between YOU & Your HAPPINESS

What stands between you and your happiness?

Let me give you a hint… INNER VOICE.

It’s not anything that is happening on the exterior of your life.

Answer: It’s your BELIEFS, that shape your life.

You know those beliefs that you hold on to SO tightly that you’re willing to argue, fight, and end relationships over.

Those beliefs that tell you that you’re not good enough so that you don’t even begin try.

It’s time to STOP that bus right now and start riding the FUN train.

In this video, it is all about you tapping into your inner child and inviting FUN back into your life again.

Your soul is ALWAYS happy, it’s your mind that tricks you into thinking that you’re not happy.  Your happiness is formed from your ‘wants’ and ‘not wants.’  If you had fewer ‘wants’ and ‘not wants’ you would begin to experience more joy in your life.

One way to begin the process of having less ‘wants’ and ‘not wants’ is to invite NEW FUN into your life, which begin the process of gently challenging your beliefs, so that you get to experience more HAPPINESS.

YES! I’m in, lets invite FUN back into our lives!

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