Give Yourself Self-Love Through High Performance Coaching

Where does sadness come from? How does High-Performance coaching help?

Do you ever talk to yourself? Saying things to like…

“It’s so cold outside, I should have put on a warmer jacket, darn it. That was stupid of me. Now I am going to be cold. ughhhh!”

Your mind chatter just goes on and on and on…

“Well, I guess I could just leave. I mean they should have rented heaters anyways, they knew it was going to be cold tonight. They always cut corners, they are so cheap.” 

This voice inside your head, this mind chatter, why is it talking about something that you already know? Why does your mind feel the need to complain and analyze? I mean, it is you that’s experiencing the cold, so why does your internal dialogue need to have a conversation with you about it?

Have you ever noticed this voice inside your head? It talks and talks and complains and bitches and justifies and so on?

The cause of all your problems is this internal dialogue. Think of what your life would look like without that mind chatter.

Instead of all that complaining, that drains you and makes you a negative Nancy, you would be at the party, feel cold and go borrow a jacket. Complaining about it wouldn’t be plausible. It wouldn’t even be a blip on your mental radar. You would just keep enjoying your amazing evening at the event.

The internal dialogue speaks so that we feel comforted and feel a sense of control. Let’s face it, we really don’t have any control of the things that happen in our outside world. Therefore, we try to control our internal world with our internal voice, the voice that justifies, judges, and also supports etc. Things happen in our daily life that are out of our control. These things create a reaction. Those reactions create how you experience your day-to-day life.

When your internal dialogue says that it’s cold outside, you’re immediately affirmed for feeling cold and justify leaving early or judge the host for putting on a cheap party. Your voice is senseless mind chatter that will justify for you, dictate your actions and reactions to the world.

Inner peace and self-love occur when this voice begins to silence.

How do you silence this mental mind chatter?

Meditation, discipline, and self-control. All of these techniques you will learn through my blogs.

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