What Would Your Life Look Like if You Neutralized Your Inner Voice?

What would your life look like if you neutralized all your thoughts, your inner voice?

WHOA… That is deep!

Think about that for a minute, your mind wouldn’t have power over you.

You would be able to control your thoughts of self-criticism, judgments of others, self-doubt, and insecurity.

As well as the thoughts of frustration, like when the kids don’t put away their laundry- or their attempt doesn’t meet your standards… With neutralized thoughts, you wouldn’t find yourself yelling and screaming like a complete ‘crazy laundry mom.’

You would remain neutral.

Neutrality is being able to not listen, nor react to your incessant mind chatter. The result, is the mind chatter within time becomes less and less distracting to your daily life.

So instead of the internal dialogue saying:

Can’t they put away their clothes correctly? I keep washing their clean clothes. (This leaves you impatient, frustrated and saying things you’ll regret later.)

Would be replaced with:

Your clean clothes are on your bed, put them away. If they choose not to, then have an agreed consequence that you follow through with. Like they do their own laundry for the week. And let it go! It is not worth your peace of mind.

This leaves you with inner peace, an open heart, and a mind that empowers you for the right reasons. With a neutral mind, you are connected directly to your intuition, to the supreme greatness that created us all.

Your lack of angry inner thoughts would keep you from doing their laundry for them.

Now you’re probably saying, if I didn’t do their laundry, I already know what’ll happen, nothing. And then they’d just be wearing dirty clothes!

Umm… yet then what? If you are trying to parent and teach your kids to put away laundry, yet when it’s not done your way, you get yourself all riled up, then really what are you teaching your kids?

If putting away laundry is right or wrong, it doesn’t matter. The point is, your mind chatter is in charge of you. It causes you to experience emotions, those emotions cause you to react and your reaction dictates how you experience the moments of your life. Those moments determine how you feel about your day.

All because of the unconscious mind chatter.

When you train yourself to neutralize your mind chatter, your inner voice has no barring on your emotions, reactions nor your day. Because YOU do, not your mind.

Your thoughts are simply a pre-recording of old reactions from your past that you are reacting to.

Those restless thoughts in your mind are there to simply keep you comfortable and the comfort is what you are protecting.

“I allow the momentum of my intuition to stop the desires of the delusion of mind and I open my heart to the light of the divine.”

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