Appreciation Is The Door Way To Your Inner Wisdom

Here is your personal check-in test to see how much you appreciate.

How much you appreciate others, yourself, acts of kindness, life overall and how close you are to getting in touch with your inner wisdom.

Most people would claim to say that they are appreciative. And I am sure they are, especially when they receive the gifts they want, their dinner service is excellent, and their kids are following all the family rules and values. Not only would you have the appreciation, you would have bragging rights

Yet, how much appreciation is there when you planned a backyard BBQ and it begins to rain? Or you go out to dinner and the service is less than par to your standards?  Or you receive your child’s grades and instead of your straight-A student, you have a B student? Do you still know how to give gratitude? Now how is your appreciation level? Less???

Appreciation is the absence of judgment and expectation.

Appreciation is fully participating in life with no expectation, with respect, love and cherishing the moment that life is offering to you versus standing back, judging and disengaging.

 Your personal check-in test is to consciously ask yourself these 3 questions when your emotions get triggered or set a timer on your phone 3 times today and do a self-check-in randomly.

I appreciate that you care enough about you to do a personal check-in, congratulations.

  1. Do I hold judgment in this situation?
    Yes or No
  2. Do I expect a certain result and will be emotional triggered if my result doesn’t occur?
    Yes or No
  3. Am I engaged FULLY in the situation/conversation?
    Yes or No

If you answered Yes to all 3 questions:  You are Appreciation
You are a person who brightens up the room.

If you answered No to 2 out of 3 questions:  You are Happy
You are a person who cares for others, yet a bit of insecurity holds you back.

If you answered No to all 3 question:  You are Willing to Change
You are a person who is your own worst enemy. You judge yourself and consequently find yourself disengaged in life. Learn more on how to navigate away from this sadness.

Simply do this test throughout your day. Bringing awareness to your level of appreciation will bring more and more appreciation into your life. Remember- energy follows thoughts.

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