Learn A High Performance Coaching Habit To Finish 2016 Strong

The secret to making 2017 the BEST year ever, is to finish 2016 STRONG and with momentum.

When you are on the front side of energy, you become an unstoppable force. That is how you want to enter into 2017.

Right now, write down your 2016 goals and learn how to finish this year strong!

5 Simple Steps to Finish Strong

1. Goal

Write down what you want to accomplish this year 2016, so that you can start 2017 with your best foot forward.

2. Future

Visualize what your life will be like once you accomplish your goal. The key is to make your new reality greater than your current reality. Write down all the ways your life will be enhanced, and vice-versa; and write down, if you don’t change, the pain that will follow you on a daily basis.

  • Write down all the ways your life will be enhanced for the better.
  • Vice-versa; write down if you don’t change, the pain that comes with no change

3. Emotion

Ground your new reality into your body through emotion. How do you stand, talk, feel, interact and breath once you have accomplished your goal?

4. Action Items

Let’s get to work! Get VERY specific and real, what are your action items.

  • Today
  • This week
  • Next week
  • Following week

5. Results

Finally, write down your results for each action item so that you can see the stepping stones to your next level and momentum that will make 2017 even more AWESOME.

Start your new year’s resolutions TODAY!

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