How to Properly Meditate While Waiting for Appointments

Let’s face it, our lives are full of waiting.

We wait in line for coffee, sit in the waiting room for our doctor’s appointment, wait for our kids to finish baseball practice… so what can we do with all that extra time!?

Today, I’m taking you on a journey through a busy day to show you exactly what I do and how I spend my waiting time to foster more peace, lower my stress and generate a life full of love.

Watch this video and come along with me to learn how to properly meditate while waiting.

Just imagine what would change if you took advantage of all the little moments you are given throughout your day to meditate, if you quit the complaining about the traffic and turned that time into a moment of tranquility (the right way).

Many people like to complain, let out their road rage and whine about waiting, but it’s not getting them anywhere closer to peace.

It’s time to take personal responsibility.

So my challenge for you is to find 2 times TODAY where you can tap into your inner chamber (that’s waiting for you) and unlock it so that you can wake up the truth that’s resting in your heart.

When you find this peace and inner truth for yourself, you’re also creating the ripple effect for all those around you.

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