How High Performance Coaching can help YOU Lose Weight

Here is a formula to help you lose weight over this holiday season.

We got Halloween ~ sugar overdose holiday … hello hippo hips
Thanksgiving ~ carbohydrate overdose holiday … hello muffin top

No thanks to either of those!

This High Performance framework will give you the control to assist you to keep those unwanted pounds off.

Check it out!

Remember with each step apply your F.I.R.E.

When you meet your 2016 goals before the end of 2016 you are going to start 2017 with an unstoppable momentum. The #1 reason why people don’t keep their new year resolution is because of how they ended the year before.

Begin with the End in Mind!

As your High Performance Coach I will take you through a proven process where we will explore ways for you to reach heightened and sustained levels of …
•  Clarity
•  Energy
•  Courage
•  Productivity
•  Influence
So that at the end of our call you will feel more purposeful and fulfilled.

Finish 2016 at your desired weight and Begin 2017 with a framework to launch you into making your dreams a new reality

The first 5 people who email me at will receive one 60 min FREE coaching session with me.

Kerry Lee


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