How Your Life Will Change When You Listen To Your Inner Wisdom

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to make a decision, yet you were unsure of yourself?

We all have been there, and it sucks!

What if you had a crystal ball and you knew what the right choice was for you?

Awesome, right?

The truth is, that crystal ball is your intuition and all it needs is some polishing.

Watch this video and learn a simple acronym to assist you in polishing your crystal ball so that you can learn how to properly meditate and hear your own intuition.

To strengthen your inner wisdom, is to silence the chaos that you experience in your daily life.

Here is my quick rule to silence chaos when it arises in my life.


  • Meditate (2x’s a day 15 minutes minimum)

  • Eliminate (distraction)

  • Elevate (ask the 4 questions)
    Is it Kind?
    Is it True?
    Is it Necessary?

  • Routine am/pm

Here is your challenge this week: Awaken your inner wisdom (the right way), by applying MEER every day for 7 days and journal on your improvements.

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