Meditation Tips for Meditating at Home

Meditation Tips for Meditating at Home

You focus on things throughout the day, right?

We focus on writing an email or a text message.
We focus on the boiling water when cooking dinner.
We focus on our breath (for a moment) during yoga class.

We are able to concentrate on one thing throughout the day.

So how can we bridge this skill, that we already possess, to meditation?

Meditation is very similar to focusing on an idea. But there’s a difference.

The difference is in meditation you’re not focusing on what you need to buy at the store or what the kids need to get done before bed, you’re focusing on love, or spirit, or Jesus, Krishna, or Buddha, something that you can connect to.

It is common to go into meditation and feel restless, either in your inner environment or your external environment. Your mind can be chattering or your body may resist sitting still.

So start by following your breath. Your breath will help you center yourself and calm your nervous system.

Your 5 Meditation To-Do’s

1. Meditate morning and night (start with just 5 minutes).

2. Meditate sitting in the same spot.

3. Focus on Love, God, the Universe (if you don’t resonate with this, see #4)

4. Focus on an amazing moment in your life where you felt the most love

5. Affirmations ideas: Be (in breath) Love (out breath) or Be (in breath) Still (out breath)

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