Why I grew up feeling Stupid

Back to School month can be scary for not only your child but also can bring up old emotions from your past as well.

Did you know over 75{0f6ffb6e648d78545932827feca441ca5a6b9bed2cb139e49ca41c8fbabf0fdc} of students under 12th grade feel as though they are ‘stupid.’ This is so Sad!

Time to muster up your COURAGE and believe in YOU, because you are AMAZING when you live in alignment with the Truth of YOU!

The 4 questions to reignite your Courage

Think of a time when you were the most courageous.
• Where were you?
• What were you doing?
• How did you feel after your Courageous act took place?
• From this past experience what inner courage can you draw upon to propel you forward in your current situation?

If you did it once, you can do it again!

Love and Light to ALL,

Kerry Lee Smith

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