The Secret to being Happy and Healthy (it’s not what you think)

It’s actually control.

As a mom, I like to control what my kids eat, how they spend their time and what colleges they want to apply to…sometimes, as moms, we can be over-controlling. 

Yet, there is a time where control can be really beneficial.

Here are some best practices for what’s important to control (to a healthy degree) so that you can sustain your happiness.

When we’re feeling off purpose, tap into these 5 things because they could be pulling you away from your purpose.

1. Disease — Your emotional and spiritual-self speak to you through your physical body. If dis-ease has manifested into a disease, check in with yourself and discover what in your life needs your attention or extra support.

2. Fear — How often do you allow fear to control you and the situation? Creating courage is necessary so that you can live into your purpose.

3. Failure — If the failure takes you down rather than learning from it than start seeing failure through a different pair of eyes.

4. Money — When money controls you, you’ll never have enough.

5. Unhappiness — When we focus too much on what makes us unhappy, that state of being.

There are only 2 things that are real: Sorrow and Happiness

Sorrow — Yet sorrow is only made real in the mind, when a situation happens, if your mental/physical/spiritual state is out of balance, sorrow will arrive.

There are 3 ways that our ego takes us into sorrow:
Being the hero, courageous or having character flaws because all of those things have a potential negative outcome.

So the goal is to avoid being the Prisoner of the Mind

When you feel the emotions of: jealousy, spite, revenge, insanity, guilt — it’s a signal from the soul to get back on purpose.

Happiness — To achieve happiness, we must Master the Mind, Strengthen our Inner Wisdom, Spread Love and stay close to our Vision.

How do we do that?

Welcome the following into your life:
Be Clam
Be Peaceful
Do your Best
God does the Rest

So WHAT do you Control?!


When you know how to control your concentration, none of the negative emotions get you nor can extreme extasy. How do you reach this stable state of peace and love? Through Meditation.

It’s a muscle that you strengthen so that when adversity comes, you know how to handle it through laser concentration.


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