Mind Mastery for a Self-Created Paradise

It’s summer time and many of us have the desire to jet off to a tropical island and relax in “paradise.” Imagine if your every day life could be your paradise.

What if you could wake up feeling as though you’re on vacation, when really it’s because your heart is full and your mind is calm?

I desire this life of freedom for you.
Here’s how to build your self-created paradise.

When your needs are met, that’s when our focus shifts to our wants. However, that can create empty happiness.

These 7 habits will build your paradise so that your wants don’t lead you down a road of empty happiness.

1. Self Control — When we are able to have control over our self talk, we have achieved mind mastery. Our self talk is responsible for whether or not we give into our desires or have self control.

2. Habits/Routines — ALWAYS room for improvement with your routines. What’s ONE thing you can do to improve your habits or routines? Meditate for a bit longer? Have alotted time for Social Media so you don’t get side-tracked? Add greens to your day? Pick one thing, today to change or add.

3. Helping Others — When you lead with gratitude, you end with appreciation for yourself, you recieve more joy because your leading from your heart. This definitely creates a paradise within, just make sure to fill up your own cup, too.

4. Calm/Neutral — When you’re in that pattern of want and wanting more, check in with yourslef to determine if you’ve detached from your outcome. Letting the mind calm so that whatever you need/want will come to you and if it doesn’t you won’t be emotionally triggered.

5. Best — One of the greatest ways that our happiness is stolen is when we know we aren’t doing our best. When we do our best, our paradise comes with ease.

6. Meditate — Self- relfection. Go inside, still the mind, be silent. Slow your day down. Create a little space between you and the material world so that you can build that inner paradise. Meditation creates self knowing which is the highest level of happiness.

7. Let God do the Rest — Let love take over. Watch for the signs from the Universe. Trust your inner voice versus your self talk.

Mind Mastery:
Your mind should never dicate your emotions and therefore your reality.

1. Master Moods — by controlling your self-talk
2. Master Habits — utlize your Joyful Productivity Sheet
3. Master Desires — we are faced with countless desires, when you understand you’re in control of your thoughts and life is happening for you not agaginst you, you have created your paradise within.

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