Detox Mind Cleanse

How often do you get trapped in a downward spiral of you thoughts?

You know, when your thoughts are telling you to eat a piece of pie or when they’re yelling at you for skipping the gym…

Or simply telling you that you’re not good enough and you can’t do anything right…

Who wants to hear those any longer?!

Here’s a way to eradicate those thoughts in an instant.

1. Inhale – 7 Count

2. Hold – 7 Count

3. Exhale – 7 Count

Breath in all the light and love that the Universe has, let it permeate every cell of your body. Exhale all that no longer serves you.

To further Detoxify your Mind — Here’s a FREE Thought Detox Video Series to give you Step by Step ways to Cleanse the Crazy.


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