Good Vibes Only

When you walk into a room can you feel the good vibes or the bad vibes? What about with people?

This is also how you make friends. You attract souls of like vibration. Let the good vibes roll!

When you are a living example of what you would like to attract, your vibration will bring forth similar souls.

The Universe doesn’t speak English, it speaks frequency.
People who vibrate at the same frequency, vibrate towards each other. In science they call this, sympatheitc vibrations.

Tips to raise your vibration:
1. Practice Acts of Kindness
2. Express gratitude to those you Love
3. Share and Give love and light everywhere you go
4. Simply lighten the room you walk into by your beautiful smile
5. Live with an open heart of love and love will come back to you.

You don’t need to feel like you need to go out of your way to meet and greet everyone. Send love and light to all that you meet with silence.

Rules to Raise your vibration with Friends:

  • Limit sarcasm
  • Apologize when necessary
  • Discuss differences and honor the differences
  • Don’t flatter to just flatter.  Mean what you say and be encouraging with truth.
  • See the good in them and shed light upon them (especially when they’re feeling darkened)
  • If you have an enemy train yourself to silence them and send light and love there way.

Be in service of good friendship:

  • When your friends are in sadness — give them sympathy
  • When your friends are in trouble — comfort them with good advice
  • When you friends are in difficulty — give them supportInvite in cheer and joy in all that you do

The voive inside your head can lower your vibration because of its negitivity.
This is why it is super important to Detox your Thoughts.

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