The Benefits of Choosing your Battles

You know how it’s really hard to go to the gym after you haven’t been in awhile?

Why is that? It’s because you’re building your muscles and your willpower.

We face daily battles like:
– Arguing with our partner
– Our complaining kids
– Personally feeling low self-esteem

Here are 3 ways to choose to choose your battles so that adversity doesn’t take you down.  

The adversity were faced with builds our willpower.

1. Stick your arm out straight in font of you, palm facing up
2. Put your hand on top of it and push down
3. Remove your hand

Notice that your arm gets lighter.

When we overcome adversities and face challenges, the strength that we’ve carried and built up within makes future challenges easier, our load gets lighter and our soul gets brighter.

We can then bring more power and joy into life.

Tips to Remember:

  • Our strength grows when we overcome new challenges
  • Pay attention to the battles you’re choosing to give energy too
  • We are attracting our challenges so that we can grow

One GREAT way to find strength within is to get rid of the negative thoughts that make us feel weak and stop us from moving forward.

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  1. i like the reminder to be careful what resistance I am putting into my life. Thanks for that. I choose to live resistance-free…all ease and grace, baby.

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