Summer FUN!

Summer is coming. The Sun is out and it’s time to step into it!

This summer, let’s invite more JOY into our days.

What can you do on a moment to moment basis to have more FUN?!

What would life look like if the vibration of your being was SOUL happiness

Would your day look different? Would you expierence a difference in your relationships?

Rules to Invite more JOY into your Day:

1. FUN
Find your curiousity for new things.
Get lost in the moment of now.
Allow yourself to lose track of time.

2. Newness
New activities bring you to the present moment.
They bring excitement, total exuberance and a remembrance of what it means to be fully alive.

3. Date night
Make time weekly for dates with your partner, loved ones, friends, family, etc.

4. Vacation
Every 90 days, explore new cities, new towns or simply new areas of your town.

5. Laugh
We spend many moments of our day in seriousness — at work and even during play. Let play be play and maybe, just maybe, even laugh a little at work too.

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