Double Edge Sword of Curiosity

Curiosity invites in new ideas and new ways of thinking; however, if we get too caught up in the bright and shiny new, is there ever any real movement forward?

You know those people who say, “Ya, ya, ya,” when you tell them about something?

They are convinced they already know everything, but do they practice what they know?

When you’re trying to lose weight and you try a bunch of different diets, there’s no way to know what’s working.

I follow the acronym CAP when I learn something new.

Curiosity — to broaden your education

Action — apply what you’ve learned to reach new levels

Practice — be consistent to create results

And remember, when inviting in curiosity, too much of anything too fast causes indigestion. The goal is to digest life with ease and take in exactly what you need.

Be intentional with your choices so that you can reach your desired goals rather than be side-tracked by a new idea.

You’ve got this.

When you’re lacking motivation, most likely your internal dialogue is taking you down.

Detoxing your thoughts will help you follow through with your goals and stay consistent.

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