Why Sh*t Hits the Fan

Sooo…you’re opening presents from your friends and family…

how do you open a present and genuinely give thanks and appreciation when your internal dialogue is telling you that the gift sucks?

How do you show compassion and love when you don’t know how to respond?

The reason why sh*t hits the fan during the holidays is because of your untrained internal dialogue.

It’s time to train your thoughts. Watch the video below.

You don’t want your holiday to be full of panic attacks, frustration and silent treatments.

So… to give yourself fully, completely and passionately follow these steps:


If you’re going to think to yourself, “He never spends enough time to figure out what I want.”

Create your pockets with gratitude and love and anticipate your auto internal dialogue so that you can have a pocket that instantly replaces this negativity.

For example, “He cares about me deeply and I know he did his best.”


If you think to yourself “I want that car” immediately stop yourself and say “No I don’t.”

Say the opposite and move on.

Playing the opposite game reminds your mind that you’re in charge and that you are the dictator of your thoughts versus the victim of your thoughts.


Auto optimism gives you less guilt, less fear and more joy and more love happiness and excitement in life

this is your opportunity to train your internal dialogue

When you begin to up level your internal dialogue, your life becomes easier, more graceful and you experience more JOY!

It’s time to train that inner voice so that we can experience the true you!


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