This is Why you Overeat During the Holidays

Did you eat too much pie on Thanksgiving?!

Then did you feel like you needed to work out harder and eat less the next day?

Who is this voice inside your head telling you to go for seconds or not go for seconds at your holiday parties?

It’s time to take control of the voice inside your head.

Watch the video to learn how to become your #1 fan instead of your own worst enemy.

An untrained inner voice results in:

  • frustration
  • guilt
  • anger
  • sadness

How to Train your Voice

Step 1: Awareness:

For the next 7 days write down everything your voice is telling you so that next week we know what you’re working with.

It’s time to become the dictator of your own life.

To help you in the training of your internal dialogue, click the image below. Kick Start your Meditation is a proven way to silence that inner chatter. Enjoy!


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