Boost your brain in just one easy minute

Do you feel enlivened in your day to day life?  Today’s quick shift…

  • Boosts your thinking capacity
  • Restores imbalances in your brain
  • Balances both hemispheres of your brain—the rational and intuitive energies
  • Calms your emotional state and nervous system
  • Improves sleep patterns
  • Strengthens and cleanses your lungs
  • Relieves sinus congestion, nausea and headaches

Every morning we have the opportunity to wake up and consciously create our day.  The choice is yours.  If we choose to let life dictate your day for you,  you may be faced with discouragement, frustration and living a life by someones rules and ways.

No way — not for me!  Click to watch

I say create the day by starting your day off with a conscious breathing exercise which brings you  to live in this very moment.  When we live consciously we feel more passionate, more lively, find life more enjoyable, and dictate how you want to live your life.

I believe our birthright is to experience a life that we love, full of excitement and joy.  We will have those days where the brain is cloudy and dull, and we are just off — no worries.  Simply use those days as your compass point to make a personal shift and take a conscious breath.  Practice my alternate nostril breathing to bring you back to the present moment of now.

The present moment is called present because it is a gift.  Find the reasons to be grateful for the gift of the present moment.

This is where my Quick Shift plays in.  Alternate Nostril Breathing improves sleep, bring calmness and awareness, for a steady mind for a steady life.  This tool can be used to, strengthens mind clarity and gets you prepared so you can make your day awesome.

Breathe Freely so you can Freely Breathe.

You are Enlivened!

Kerry Lee

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