Did he make you feel tingly?

Did he make you feel TINGLY?

I know where your mind just went on that!

So, lets back up that bus a bit.

I recently had a client who felt tingles all over one day. He walked into a restaurant and saw a women he had never caught sight of before.  His heart started fluttering.  His throat got dry. His stomach was buzzing and he knew she was ‘THE ONE!’  However, before he found the nerve to talk to her, she disappeared.


Welcome Act 2: Same guy—Same day.

He was in the coffee shop still and low and behold, there she reappeared!  After a quick trip to the men’s room to gather himself, he came back out to only to find that she was once again MIA.

Welcome Act 3:  Same guy—Same day.

Third sighting–third missed opportunity.

He was devastated, and thought he would never tingle so magically again.  So, he came to me to work this out.

I recognized that he was leaning on external circumstances to support his inner world.  I had him close his eyes and do this exercise.


Close your eyes.

Go back to an actual time in your life, when you had an exceptional emotional response to something.

Focus on those feelings.  What are the sensations? Where do you feel them in your body?  What are you thinking? Make those feelings grow so they expand into other parts of your body.

Keep exaggerating them them until they encompass your entire body.

Now, open your eyes and look around.  Are you in the middle of that situation?

You just felt all of those feelings without actually being there.

This demonstrates that your energy is actually self-regulating.

Once you realize that, you also realize you have the power to generate your feelings anytime anywhere.  They are not determined by your external circumstances.

Joy Joy Joy,

Kerry Lee



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