Easy Way to get things DONE that you don’t want to do


WHY Procrastinate?

Get more accomplished by putting the power of Rhythm to work for you.

What happens to you when you find yourself on your phone, computer or tablet?

Do you land in a time warp, loosing track of how long you have been on your device?

Do you sometimes completely forget about what you started out to do because you followed a series of links down a rabbit hole?

Do your to-do list tasks end up getting “kamooshed” into an unrealistic time frame?

Do you have tasks that are difficult and overwhelming and therefore easily avoided?

When you have something that you really want to do, and you are still not doing it, it is easy to fall into negative self-talk about your “failure.”

If you are over falling into the dark pit of your distractions, read on and watch this video (LINK) 

The part of you that turns your desires and intentions into actions and realities is called your “will.”

One way to strengthen your will and develop true “will power” is to watch today 

Using rhythm requires taking a look at your schedule and making room for what you have decided is important, then doing it on a daily and/or weekly practice.  This is how you begin forming your habit body.  By scheduling this activity at the same time each day/week/month it creates rhythmic repetition that strengthens your willpower.

We have been trained to force things to happen using the strength of sheer willpower.  This can happen much more gracefully by using rhythm that enhances life forces as opposed to running them over.

Nature is the strongest example of rhythm and how rhythm is used to prepare for every season.  Our sleep-wake rhythm supports our physical well-being.  When we disrupt this sleep pattern, we see the results are lower cognitive functioning, impaired coordination, and so many other things including mood and attitude.  Link

The nice thing about creating a strong rhythm is that it is all in your capable hands.  You can make it hourly/daily/weekly/monthly/annually.  The way to get difficult things done, is to simply make sure that you make space for it at a regular interval.  This is rhythm, and when you do it long enough, it is the foundation for building a strong will.

Start by taking one small thing in your life that you want to do and create a rhythm around it.  Be sure you start small so you create a successful outcome and use it as your building block for creating more success.

For example:

Goal:  Increase your uptake of water

Rhythm:  Every night before bed, place a huge glass (20 oz) of water by your bed.  When you wake up, have it be the first thing you do…down the water.  You’ve now taken in a full 20 ounces of water without even thinking about it.  That rhythm replaces your need to think about more water.

Goal:  Decrease dependence/use/time spent on electronics

Rhythm:  Segregate the use of each electronic device to a specific daily time window.  Commit to checking email rhythmically, twice per day, for example…once in the morning and once at night.  Or create a ‘no-phone zone’ by tossing your phone in a basket for the first 2 hours after you get home.  Turn off sounds, flags and notifications that are distracting and trigger you like Pavlov’s dog to check in all of which tests your willpower….lean on rhythm instead.

The stars are the limit and the choices are your, so get goin’ on your rhythm.

Please share what tactics are working for you in the comments below.  What are you trying to accomplish and what rhythms have you created?  As you know we all learn from each other.

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Kerry Lee

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  1. Kerry, I like this one. So many useful and productive insights. Excellent reminder. Thank you for sharing this with the world. How often we all forget the importance of rythm. Love this. Keep bringing light and joy to this world till we get too our real home.

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