Tap into your inner peace and feel calm!

When you affirm something you are declaring that it is to be true, now or some time in your future. Time is irrelevant to your unconscious mind.  When you affirm something; sentence or a phrase, you are sending the message to your Reticular Activating System (RAS) and it starts to make it happen.  Link

Our Reticular Activating System (RAS) filters our senses so we don’t go into overwhelm and we can stay on task with our desired goals, interests and needs.  When you repeat affirmations over and over it sends messages to the (RAS) which filter the information that we need and filters out the information that we don’t need.

In todays, Pause Point is an affirmation based meditation where you will repeat an affirmation after me aloud or in your mind for several minutes.  When you combine meditation and affirmation together you are speeding up the process to the RAS so it can filter out what is not serving you and you can reach your goals faster.

Carry this affirmation through out your day.

Body be still

Mind be silent

I seek happiness more and more within

and less and less through material pleasures

and my heart is open and free


Kerry Lee

Click Link to tap into your inner peace and feel your calmness within

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