Feel Renewed in 30-60 seconds

Want more energy, strength and enthusiasm for life.  Sometimes a simple quick shift is all it takes.  This weeks Quick Shift can change the amount of blood and oxygen that goes to the brain and you can give yourself an opportunity to see things in a new light. Link

I am Renewed!

Think about this:  we fold forward all day long, picking up laundry, opening drawers in the kitchen etc, yet how much attention are your bringing to this forward bend?  Probably not at all, you may even be rounding your back and causing strain on your low back.

Adding this quick shift into your daily routine will help with stretching your groins, hamstrings and hips, decompress your spine, relieve fatigue and anxiety and your mind will become calmer.

Building good conscious habits in a forward fold will increase your flexibility so when you are going through life unaware of the strain that you’re putting on your body you will start to create good strong habits.  You will be naturally more flexible so you avoid injuries. Click to watch

You are Renewed,

Kerry Lee

3 thoughts on “Feel Renewed in 30-60 seconds”

  1. Very clear and concise explanation of a very useful movement technique.

    Hip hinging as a technique used in lifting and working in everyday life is supported by the work of Esther Gokhale, acupuncturist and posture specialist. Teaching the body to use this as a default method of postural alignment when bending forward is crucial in proper spinal health. Kerry’s explanation can help us practice until it becomes second nature.

    Thanks Kerry for making this part of our lives!

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